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450T Tandem Rod Breakdown Machine


(depending on model)

Modular design enables this machine to be supplied with 7, 10, 13 or 16 dies, dependent on the required duty. 16 finishing speeds are obtainable by the combined use of the main and capstan gearboxes, both of which are integral with the machine housing to ensure that the available motor power is fully utilised. The pullblocks can be fitted with replaceable tyres or replaceable rings.

Standard drafting is 31% elongation, although taper drafting or special drafting can be supplied if required.  The 450T series of machines are ideal for the drawing of high quality copper, aluminium and aluminium alloys.


Maximum Entry

10mm soft copper or 12.7mm E.C. aluminium

Finish Diameter

1.0mm to 5.18mm diameter

Maximum Finishing Speed

40 m.p.s.

Elongation Per Die


Block diameter


Maximum Motor

350 h.p.

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Picture: 450T13 Horizontal Tension Control Dancer


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