Winget Syncro


A & AG, B & BG Fine Wire Drawing Machines


(depending on model)

These machines were provided in a variety of specifications, from 8 to 19 dies, dependent on customer requirements and the material to be drawn. They are fitted with hard steel draw blocks or ceramic pullblocks.  A special wire tension control is provided on the capstan which allows the operator to adjust the wire tension between the capstan and spooler or annealer during operation.   Reciprocating die holders to equalise pullblock wear were also fitted.


Maximum Entry

1.3, 1.63 or 1.83 mm soft copper or E.C. aluminium

Finish Diameter

0.07mm - 0.31mm or 0.15mm - 0.71mm depending on entry wire size

Maximum Operating Speed

20 to 38 m.p.s. depending on model

Elongation Per Die


PDF logo View A16 & AG16 spec sheet

Maximum Motor

10, 15, 20 or 25 h.p.

PDF logo View B16, BG16 & BG19 spec sheet

Picture: B Type Fine Wire Drawing Machine

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